Another NAS drive using board


Following on from my setup of using a raspberry pi as a NAS drive, I decided to use my 8750 board which was lying in the bottom of my drawer as I had no other use for it. I followed the same procedure as detailed in my previous post but once the webmin server was installed I could not access it – it kept on giving me an authentication failure message. To then change my webmin access password I used the following command in the Linux terminal:

  • sudo /usr/share/webmin/  /etc/webmin root “your-password”

This then allowed me to access my webmin server and the setup was then as my previous post. One important consideration though is that to use this board headless (ie with no monitor or keyboard attached), you need to create a dummy vga connection to enable the board to boot up. This is done simply by connecting a resistor between pins 1 and 6 on the vga input.

vga_dummyAfter testing my throughput using the same drive connected to the board was better then the raspberry pi. I tested using a 1GB file to transfer to both systems and got the following results:

raspberry pi average: 3.0 MB/s average: 4.5 MB/s

These throughput rates do not compare to my dedicated Netgear raid NAS unit (at 14 MB/s) but they are still very usable for general work and backing up.


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