Nextbook 8 with Windows 8.1

I was recently given a Nextbook 8 with Windows 8.1 OS to review to see if it would be useful as a teaching tool. The unit has 2GB ram, a quad core processor and 16GB storage running full Windows 8.1 (Metro apps + Desktop programs available to install).


There is something magical about carrying around a full desktop version of Windows 8 in your bag or “large” jacket pocket. Having access to all your usual apps sounded fantastic. The screen is a bit of a fingerprint magnet compared to my other devices but is bright, clear and responsive.

However, that’s where the honeymoon with this device ended. As always, great on paper but less than average in real use – and this is marked down to one oversight only. Having only 16GB storage is not nearly enough to create a useful experience. Of the 16GB, almost 5GB are taken by the repair partition which leaves only 11GB for the Windows 8 installation and any apps and data. On first use, after setting up the device, only 3GB is left for data files and any apps/programs you need to install to make it useful. Having a microSD slot allows you to increase the storage for data and media files – however, this does nothing to increase the ability to install more apps.

For the price this device will sell many units but I think that the owners will soon feel disappointed with this major drawback. The manufacturers should have ideally increased the price and provided a unit with a minimum of 32GB of storage, thereby making it useful beyond simply browsing the internet.


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