Fish River Canyon

Start Of The Trail From The Viewpoint At Hobas

Start Of The Trail From The Viewpoint At Hobas

The Fish River Canyon is the oldest and second largest canyon on Earth. It’s total length is approximately 180 km and it runs from North to South in Namibia until it reaches the Orange River which forms Namibia’s Southern boundary with South Africa. The hiking trail is 85 km long give or take a few km if shortcuts are used along the route – the complete route takes up to 5 days to complete.

Before attempting this trail, there are a few salient points to remember:

  • You need to be fit and healthy. A medical certificate not older than 40 days needs to be presented at the start of the trail when signing the indemnity form.
  • For the duration of the hike, you need to be completely self-sufficient. Water is available in the river at places but purification tablets are highly recommended as the water does not flow very quickly during the winter months when the canyon is open.
  • Although there are a few escape routes out of the canyon, the only quick way out is to be airlifted. However, there are no comms in the canyon so calling for help is impossible. Every group should carry a good first aid kit.

These pages detail our hike through the Fish River Canyon from the viewpoint at Hobas to Ai-Ais Hot Springs. Certain GPS waypoints of the camps we used and the start of the shortcuts can be downloaded in gpx format at the end of this document.


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