Day 2: Fish

Distance covered: 26 km

Temperature: 31 °C

Day 2 started off early because we had to get some mileage under our belt. The start of day 2 involved much boulder hopping which took a while to get through.

Boulder Field At The Start Of Day 2

Boulder Field At The Start Of Day 2

After that the going became a lot easier with hard sand to walk on in a lot of sections. The scenery was breathtaking and at the same time quite desolate in places.

Single File In Silence

Single File In Silence

The highlight on day 2 was undeniably the relaxation time at Sulphur Springs. This is a hot spring with a high sulphur content which flows into the Fish River at a hot 57°C. We relaxed in the springs for an hour before having lunch and then moving off to our campsite on the second day.

Arriving at Sulphur Springs

Arriving at Sulphur Springs

Relaxing A Few Sore Muscles

Relaxing A Few Sore Muscles

We finally reached our pre-planned campsite quite early but because of the wind we decided to press on to find a place a little further on which was hopefully more sheltered. This was a mistake and we grew very tired and eventually the only suitable spot we could find was quite unsheltered. We managed to spread out a bit and settle down for the night. This night was rather uncomfortable – first we had to deal with sand being blown about. This we did by climbing completely into our sleeping bags. Just when we thought our luck had changed for the better when the wind died down, it then started to drizzle – yes, we managed to choose to hike on the one day of the year that they actually have precipitation in the canyon :-( . Luckily it was not hard and proceeded to only make everything a bit damp.





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